How long will it take to edit my project?

Several factors affect the turnaround time for revision. They include the length of the project and the type of editing requested. For shorter pieces of approximately 1,500 words, editing can be completed within a few days. For longer pieces, a sample of the text can be used to assess the length of time it will take to edit.

How do I control the cost of editing?

For smaller projects, fixed rates are available. For larger projects, hourly rates can be capped. This means that edits will be made only up to the point at which your budget for the project is reached. 

I have something I want corrected. What do I do next?

Send Blue Leaf Edits an email with details of your project, the word count, the type of editing you want, and any deadlines you have. You are encouraged to send a sample (a few pages) of your project for evaluation. A fixed price can be negotiated to meet your budget. Response time is two days. 

How do I send you my project?

Documents should be sent electronically as they are edited using Microsoft Track Changes. Documents in PDF format cannot be edited. 

What type of editing do I need?

Three types of editing are offered.

Manuscript evaluation is recommended for first draft or immature projects that need help with logic, organization, plot development, and pace.

Light editing is used to fix minor problems in a document that has already gone through final revisions.

Medium editing corrects grammatical errors and addresses problems with clarity.

Heavy editing involves line by line revision. This can also include sentence and paragraph rearrangement to create a more elegant and professional tone to the writing.

Blue Leaf Edits does not rewrite, reformat, or fact-check documents.

What is a style guide?

A style guide is "a set of standards for writing and design of documents." It helps maintain a consistent use of spelling and formatting; for example, the word 'toward' (American English) can also be written as 'towards' (Commonwealth English). Both can be correct.

Blue Leaf Edits uses The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. Other style guides can be used depending on your needs. 

How do you accept payments?

Payments can be made using PayPal or bank transfer. For services over CHF 100, a non-refundable deposit is required in advance.