The type of editing a document needs depends on how close it is to being finished. A first draft can benefit from an analysis of organization, tone, and pace. Thoroughly revised documents may only need corrections to punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Blue Leaf Edits offers light, medium, and heavy editing as well as manuscript evaluation.

The cost of editing is related to the amount of work and the size of the document. While a light edit is quick and useful for urgent projects, a manuscript evaluation can help address inconsistencies and disorganization of a first draft. If you are unsure of the amount of editing your document needs, a recommendation can be given before the work begins. You can save money by revising your text before sending it to Blue Leaf Edits.  A price limit can be applied to projects with a fixed budget.

For documents longer than 10 manuscript pages (2,500 words), a two-page sample edit of your work can be provided.

Below is a detailed list of services. Please note:

  • one page is 250 words ( 325 words is considered two pages )
  • prices are quoted in Swiss Francs ( CHF )
  • editing is available for up to 100 pages ( 25,000 words )

 Also note that Blue Leaf Edits does not rewrite, fact-check or reformat documents.

Light Editing

Light editing is for near-finished documents that only need correction of the following:

  • grammar
  • spelling and correct word usage
  • punctuation and capitalization
  • consistent style
  • captions, tables and footnotes
  • consistent verb tense


For up to 30 pages:                       CHF 2 /page

Over 30 pages:                              CHF 15 /hour

Medium Editing

Medium editing addresses problems that occur with sentence structure. It reviews: 

  • all tasks in light editing
  • vague and confusing sentences
  • repetition
  • parallelism 
  • point of view
  • wordiness


For up to 30 pages:                      CHF 4 /page

Over 30 pages:                            CHF 15 /hour

Heavy Editing

Heavy editing addresses the clarity and professionalism of the writing. It considers issues with:

  • all tasks in medium editing
  • cliché and jargon
  • tone
  • awkward sentences
  • storyline and technical discrepancies


For up to 30 pages:                       CHF 5 /page

Over 30 pages:                            CHF 15 /hour

Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript evaluation is usually done on a first draft document. It can highlight potentially confusing, underdeveloped, or redundant writing. Manuscript evaluation can reveal potential problems with:

  • organization
  • readability
  • sentence and paragraph arrangement
  • pace 
  • inconsistent character behavior and speech
  • ineffective dialogue
  • implausible plotline and plot holes


For up to 10 pages:                       CHF 20

For up to 30 pages:                       CHF 60

For up to 60 pages:                       CHF 150

For up to 100 pages:                     CHF 200